Q: I have just filled in the information required on the platform Ignite Magic. Does it mean that my startup is now part of the landscape? 

A: No. An evaluation committee will assess your information and make the final decision. This evaluation takes place before the next launch of the AI landscape. This means that you might have to wait a few months before we confirm whether your startup will be featured in the landscape or not.

Q: How often will the landscape be updated? 

A: We are aiming to update it every 6 months. 

Q: Where will the landscape be published? 

A: The landscape is part of the European AI Startup Landscape and it will be published on its website. Click here to check it out. Only your startup name, logo website and a short description will be published on the website.

Q: What information about my startup does the evaluation committee have access to?

A: Apart from your startup name, description, logo and website, the evaluation committee has access to the answers to the six specific questions that you filled out in your application. These questions include the type of AI and data you work with, the datasets you have access to, the datasets you train your model on and its size, the number of AI engineers in your team and if you have had support from academia.

Q: The information that I provide in my application is confidential, right?

A: Yes! Any information you provide us is and will be strictly confidential. 

Q: What happens if the evaluation committee doesn't approve my startup?

A: Your startup won't be part of the next update of the landscape, but no one will know that it has been evaluated either. Don’t worry! The evaluation committee will re-consider your applications prior to every update of the landscape. 

Q: I don't wish to be a part of the AI Landscape anymore. How should I proceed?

A: Please contact us at hello@aistartuplandscape.se and we will remove you from the landscape.